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North Cotabato: Asik-Asik Falls

       At long last, I was able to visit Asik asik falls after months of longing to visit it. Asik  asik falls is near our place and it is specifically located at Brgy. Dulao, Alamada, North Cotabato. It was a newly discovered tourist attraction and was only brought to my attention on the month of May.       To be able to reach this place, the nearest airport is Awang Airport of Cotabato City which is one hour and forty-five minute flight from Manila. From Cotabato City to this place would take two hours ride. If you want to travel by land, Libungan to Davao would take three to six hours ride and from Libungan to Brgy. Dulao would take thirty minutes to reach this place. In order to reach the vicinity of the falls you must walk these steep slope which is around five hundred cemented steps.        I know that whatever you will encounter while walking on the steps above, I am sure it is all worth it with the amazing beauty of Asik Asik falls that awaits you. Pictures below