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IGACOS: Pearl Farm Beach Resort

            Welcome to Pearl Farm Beach Resort. It is located in Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS. Samal Island is the big island in front of Davao City. Pearl Farm is a famous tourist destinations here in Davao. I was only able to go to this place because this is where the team building of the company has been held.      Above is the Parola Bar. It is the reception area of the beach where the boat would also dock. We were greeted here with the accommodating staff of Pearl Farm. They had given us fresh juice to drink while an orientation had been given about the resort.      Maranao Restaurant of Pearl Farm served delicious meals. In our day tour package, it is already inclusive of eat-all-you can lunch that we were really full when we get out from this establishment.        Below is only one of the many maps that you will find along the way while strolling Pearl Farm. I am sure you will not get lost with this very informative maps.      This is the

North Cotabato: Asik-Asik Falls

       At long last, I was able to visit Asik asik falls after months of longing to visit it. Asik  asik falls is near our place and it is specifically located at Brgy. Dulao, Alamada, North Cotabato. It was a newly discovered tourist attraction and was only brought to my attention on the month of May.       To be able to reach this place, the nearest airport is Awang Airport of Cotabato City which is one hour and forty-five minute flight from Manila. From Cotabato City to this place would take two hours ride. If you want to travel by land, Libungan to Davao would take three to six hours ride and from Libungan to Brgy. Dulao would take thirty minutes to reach this place. In order to reach the vicinity of the falls you must walk these steep slope which is around five hundred cemented steps.        I know that whatever you will encounter while walking on the steps above, I am sure it is all worth it with the amazing beauty of Asik Asik falls that awaits you. Pictures below

Holiday Planning

    It is better that things had been planned ahead of time in order for things to run smoothly. Yesterday, we are asked in the office of our planned absences in the coming months. I had a planned vacation on the coming months and I informed my boss about it. Gladly, she had no questions or disagreement about it. I am really excited for that flight. My brother-in-law booked that  discounted flight for us. It is only here in the Philippines but the place is so popular for its beautiful nature views. Its underground river was already included in the new seven wonders of the world. I hope our plan will run smoothly and hope in the future we could also avail Cheap holidays to Turkey , Cyprus, Singapore, Greece and other beautiful destination around the world. 

Opera Tickets

      I am not a singer and I admit it but I love music a lot. Lucky for me I was able to marry a singer. My husband usually sings in the church and I was blessed with his singing. That is why I was so into music and given a chance to be able to see singers live in an opera house, I will really grab it. have available boston opera house tickets , freedom hall-ky tickets and ryman auditorium tickets Perfect for a chance to experience opera singing.

Good Vision

       Traveling is fun and enjoyable with the beautiful views of nature. It could be more appreciated with our good vision. Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from eye problems that could sometimes affect their way of living. Thankfully, there are doctors who are willing to correct our vision in an affordable amount.            Marc Werner, MD of Stahl Eyecare is offering the Vision For Our Heroes program to provide 30% off Lasik for New York City area fire fighters, law enforcement, teachers, and military personnel. Even immediate family members (spouse,children) can get the discount!          Stahl Eyecare surgeons are Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins trained and have performed over 40,000 Lasik procedures.           Lasik has been proven so safe and effective that it has been approved by NASA for use on US astronauts, pilots, and mission payload specialists who face extreme, physically demanding conditions.

Kidapawan, North Cotabato: Lake Agco

       Lake Agco is located at the foot of Mt. Apo. I knew everyone who climbed Mt. Apo knew this place. It has been the camp site and stop over place of climbers of Mt. Apo. It was my second time to visit this place. On my latest visit, I went here with my husband's family. Below is the list of the fees and rates of their amenities. Photo courtesy of my bubbly niece. :)         Lake Agco is at the heart of a rainforest and since Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines, Lake Agco is also in  a higher ground. The weather here is always gloomy and most often there are fogs. The hotsprings of Lake Agco is really conducive for its weather.   Below is the view from the entrance of Lake Agco.                 Though it is cold out there, there are still a lot of communities here. They already get used to the weather and to the foggy surroundings.           Mt. Apo is a dormant volcano but it still emits hot steam.The photo below had been the source of hot st

Kidapawan, North Cotabato: Tawsuvan Eco-Resort

       Tawsuvan Eco-Resort is an eco-resort at the foot  of Mt. Apo.It has a beautiful falls in a   rain forest. This has also been a camping ground for the climbers of Mt. Apo and for other tourists. It was an adopted place by the University of Southern Mindanao wherein they beautify and improved the place as well as construct some amenities to it. Below is the beautiful falls of Tawsuvan Eco-resort.           Since Tawsuvan is at the foot of Mt. Apo, it is on a higher ground with a cooler temperature. That is why a lot of campers are in here during summer and stays here for a couple of days. As an observation, they brought along their tents, their air bed, some cooking wares and a lot of food. Of course, they did not forget to bring along thick clothes, jackets, socks and blankets to fight the cold.        If you want to go at the top of the falls, you could do so but be sure that you are physically fit because you would be catching your breath while climbing. When I

Kathleen's Place: Cannibad, Samal

     Our last stopover in our field trip with the kindergarten students was at Kathleen's place in Cannibad, Samal. Cannibad which is famous for being a secret paradise in Samal has this modern resort known as "Kathleen's Place". It was owned by a retired German soldier who was married to a Filipina from our hometown. He had been very accommodating to us and gave us discounts. The standard entrance fee in Kathleen's Place is P50 per person, tent rental with beddings is P350 and this cottage is P2,000 per night.                       I like Cannibad for having a very solemn beach. It is not crowded and the beach is very clean and well preserve. Even at night, the place is so peaceful wherein there are no noisy parties, karaoke noise and noise of alcohol drinkers. It is just like being in a remote island.                The only common feedback of the people who went here is that the way from the road to the beach is too high.  It is so steep that

Crocodile Park: Davao City

       As part of the field trip I had with the kindergarten students, our third destination is Crocodile Park. It is located in the Diversion Road, Davao City. The regular entrance fee is P350 pesos but since we are so many we paid only P100 per person.           Not only live crocodiles from young to adult could be seen here but an exhibit of their skeletons is being displayed as well. I think the skeleton of Pangil would still be bigger than this.           This is Pangil, 200 million years survivor, as what it was described is the main attraction of the park. It was the biggest crocodile you could see at the park wherein it is the only crocodile on its cage and situated near the entrance of the park. During my visit, I really spend a lot of time looking at Pangil. Since it was the day of cleaning its cage, I was amazed by the courage shown by the cleaners who went inside the cage while Pangil is watching them. It was thrilling to watch as well as heart pounding eveytime

Sports Game

      Aside from beaches, luxury hotels and entertainment establishments, watching sports game is also relaxing and full of fun. It may be football, basketball, tennis and soccer games, it will surely caught your attention and you would probably cheer for your chosen team or player. Die-hard fans even travel to different places just to support their chosen player. Fortunately, has buffalo bulls tickets , butler bulldogs tickets ,  byu cougars tickets and other sports game tickets. So why not reserve a ticket, relax and watch a game.

Butterfly House: Davao City

      In my last post, I had been in a field trip with the little kindergarten students and our second destination had been Butterfly House. It is located in Diversion Road, Davao City. It is near to the famous Crocodile Park which had been our next destination. The entrance fee here is only P30 but I am not sure if this is a discounted fee, because we are too many, or a regular fee. Since there is no regular route for public transportation that would pass into this place, you must take a taxi to go in here. It may cost you around 100-200 pesos.  butterflies feeding themselves      It was my first time to be in a Butterfly House and the experience was so wonderful. When I was a child I would assume that butterflies are fairies and being in a Butterfly House seemed I was taken to Fairyland. There had been a lot of different species of butterflies and they were so beautiful to look at. perfect shot            Aside from being in the flowers, butterflies woul

Gap Farming Resort

          When I was young, Gap Farm is my most unforgettable place here in Davao. My mother brought me here when I was a kid and I couldn't forget all the beautiful spots in here. Few weeks ago, my brother-in-law who has a kindergarten school brought their students here for their field trip. My husband and I joined them and assist them as well. Here are some of the pictures we have taken.           Upon entering Gap Farm, you would be welcome by these huge statue of a farmer riding his carabao. Funny thing, the carabao is also urinating. Don't get wet by it.  Me and my hubby at the back of the statue. My husband's nieces having a jump shot at the statues of Philippine  animals. From the logo itself, Gap Farm existed since 1973. Davao: Land of Promise           I had a great time at Gap Farming Resort.  It is very much accessible with its location at Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City. The entrance fee is only P25 and if you are from the city, i