Gap Farming Resort

          When I was young, Gap Farm is my most unforgettable place here in Davao. My mother brought me here when I was a kid and I couldn't forget all the beautiful spots in here. Few weeks ago, my brother-in-law who has a kindergarten school brought their students here for their field trip. My husband and I joined them and assist them as well. Here are some of the pictures we have taken.

          Upon entering Gap Farm, you would be welcome by these huge statue of a farmer riding his carabao. Funny thing, the carabao is also urinating. Don't get wet by it. 

Me and my hubby at the back of the statue.

My husband's nieces having a jump shot at the statues of Philippine  animals.
From the logo itself, Gap Farm existed since 1973.
Davao: Land of Promise
          I had a great time at Gap Farming Resort.  It is very much accessible with its location at Diversion Road, Maa, Davao City. The entrance fee is only P25 and if you are from the city, it would only cost you less than two hundred pesos if you would ride on a taxi from the city to Gap Farm. Though there are already a lot of tourist destinations here in Davao City, I will still recommend Gap Farm to be visited especially to children. Aside from enjoying the beautiful spots, you get to learn as well. Enjoy!!


  1. GAP farm brings back old memories:)

  2. yup.. Gap Farm indeed brought back old memories...

  3. i love the carabao!

    a visit from kim!

  4. The Almighty has his own purposes.

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