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Puerto Princesa: Ugong Rock

Ugong Rock Adventures is located at Brgy. Tagabiniet, Puerto Princesa City. If you are on your way to the famous Underground River, you could pass by to this place. Caving, splunking and zipline adventure are the activities offered here.    This is one of the passages inside the cave. Ugong Rock was named after a musical instrument "ugong". There are some rocks inside the cave that if you knock on it, it would create an ugong-like sound.  One of the many features inside the cave are these stalactites and stalagmites formations. This is a stalactite that looks like a chandelier but as time passes by it already reached the ground. If you would be in Ugong Rock Adventures, finish the activity by enjoying their zipline adventure. So far this is the fastest zipline I had experienced with a travel time of 21 seconds. As always do not forget to take pictures.  As a whole I enjoyed the activities here. In terms of expenses, it costs me less than 500