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Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

     The first time I had been to Lake Sebu was during my last years in High School in which I attended a science camping which was held there. I was mesmerize by this place the first time I saw it. I kept on looking the wide green lake. It is very visible anywhere you would go at the community of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Back then, the place was not yet developed as a tourist spot but there are already a lot of resorts to choose from. The road to the falls is not yet accessible to four-wheel vehicles.        Several years after, I had been able to visit Lake Sebu. There is already a zipline. The road to the falls had already been developed and the tourism of the community is very much supported by the local government. So before I expose the amazing things you can do and visit in Lake Sebu, here are some details on how you could be able to reach Lake Sebu. If you are from far places, the nearest airport is in General Santos City. After reaching Gen. Santos, you could ride a bus i

Land Trip from Manila to Davao

            It was a long trip that took two days and two nights of travel. We had been able to have a land trip from Manila to Davao because my companions bought new cars and preferred to transport the cars by having a land trip than shipped it. From Manila to Davao, we had been able to sail in two ferry boats, pass by to different cities, travelled miles of road and pass the three parts of the Philippines, from Luzon, Visayas and to Mindanao.       Our travel started specifically from Paranaque, Manila and we don't have a map with us but we make sure to look for signboards. From Paranaque, we took the SLEX road to Calamba and to Batangas. We pass by San Jose and San Pablo City. Then, we entered the Quezon Province and pass by the municipalities and cities of Candelaria, Sariaya, Lucena City, Quezon Forest Park, Gumaca, Lopez, and Caluag. The most unforgettable road on this part is the Quezon Forest Park which is a DENR preserved park. Mt. Mayon       We then ent

Cotabato to Manila Trip

View from the Top        There are three ways to reach Manila from Cotabato. It would be by travelling through sea, land and air. If you want to travel by sea, you should book a ticket with Super Ferry that usually departs from Polloc Port once a week. The travel would usually take three days if you wish to travel by ship. If you want to have a land trip, the travel would also be at least three days. If you don't have a private car, you must ride a passenger van or bus from Cotabato to Davao. If you already reach Davao, you must book a ticket with Philtranco, a bus that travels from Davao to Manila. Aside from ship and bus, the fastest way to reach Manila is by plane the would take at least one hour and forty-five minutes of travel. There are two airlines to choose from, Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines but in the coming months AirPhil Express would soon open.          In our last trip to Manila from Cotabato, we choose to travel by plane. In each airline company that