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Palawan: Taytay

This is Taytay in Palawan. A place with a lot of historical sites. In this place you will you be able to find old church, old buildings and old port.          This is one of the old buildings which is now used as a commercial buiding. This was built during the Spanish time. Another old building is this church. It is so amazing to see buildings that was built hundred years ago which were still used up to this time.  A scenic view of the two old buildings with the name of the place. While strolling around I can't help myself not to capture a picture of the community. This is the pathway towards the old port.   A beautiful view of the port.            A landmark in the entrance of the port stating that Port St. Isabel was first built using wood in 1667 as a garrison for the Spanish troop of peace. It was built through the effort of Gov. Fernando Manuel de Bustillo. It was rebuilt using stone with four defense sides in honor