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Apartment for Travellers

     Hotel, motel, lodging house, room for rent, and cottages are the places where travelers commonly stay. Hotel accommodation would provide the necessities you need but it is a bit expensive especially in those high class hotels. In some countries, there are now furnished apartments for travelers like vacation rentals paris . Renting a furnished apartment is cheaper compared to hotel rooms and it could provide you the necessities you needed. It has a kitchen, great amenities and larger than hotel rooms. It would also give the ambience of not being away from home. If I could find a furnished apartment like in vacation rentals paris which is cheaper, I would go for it. 

Travel Health Insurance

      Our two clients from London just went home from their one week visit here in the Philippines. In their one week stay, I observed they are sneezing or sometimes coughing. Maybe their body is still adjusting to the different temperature of this country which is a bit hot compared to them that is cold. If you are new to the place and to its climate, our body would really adjust to it and sometimes we usually get sick because the food, the temperature, the weather and many other things is new to us. That is why there is travel health insurance that is being offered now. It will cover up any medical expenses we incur while we are away from our own country. It is good for those who are always travelling abroad, for international students and study abroad students. It is better to have this one than let go of your allowances just to pay medical expenses. 

Cannibad: The Secret Paradise in Samal

      Cannibad is so far the cleanest and the most solemn beach I had ever been. True to its tag line "Cannibad: the Secret Paradise", it is really a paradise for me. Cannibad is one of the beautiful beaches of Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) specifically located at Brgy. Penaplata. From Davao City, you must sail on a barge if you have a private car or on a ferry boat at Sasa Wharf. Barge fee may range from P60 pesos, for motorcycle, to 500 pesos depending on the type of vehicle that will be shipped. Ferry Boat is also a good means of transportation to reach Samal as well as taking a bus ride from Sta. Ana, Davao City, near Magsaysay Park to be able to reach Penaplata. From Penaplata proper it would be around four kilometers land trip to Cannibad. Though the road is stiff, it would be nothing compared to the paradise view of Cannibad that awaits you.  Sunrise at Cannibad Boating at Sunrise Early morning Swimming   View at Noontime Having Fun at the Sea