Travel Health Insurance

      Our two clients from London just went home from their one week visit here in the Philippines. In their one week stay, I observed they are sneezing or sometimes coughing. Maybe their body is still adjusting to the different temperature of this country which is a bit hot compared to them that is cold. If you are new to the place and to its climate, our body would really adjust to it and sometimes we usually get sick because the food, the temperature, the weather and many other things is new to us. That is why there is travel health insurance that is being offered now. It will cover up any medical expenses we incur while we are away from our own country. It is good for those who are always travelling abroad, for international students and study abroad students. It is better to have this one than let go of your allowances just to pay medical expenses. 


  1. I like traveling and I also like your blog.

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  3. Health insurance is the firs thing you should to buy if you're planning the trip. Of course, we all try to think positive and think that nothing bad will happend with you. But, it's better to be prepared. It's easy to get help in your native country, but abroud, with foreign language it's not that simple. So it's better to have some grantees. Even Speedy Paper reviews says about guaranties!


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