Cannibad: The Secret Paradise in Samal

      Cannibad is so far the cleanest and the most solemn beach I had ever been. True to its tag line "Cannibad: the Secret Paradise", it is really a paradise for me. Cannibad is one of the beautiful beaches of Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) specifically located at Brgy. Penaplata. From Davao City, you must sail on a barge if you have a private car or on a ferry boat at Sasa Wharf. Barge fee may range from P60 pesos, for motorcycle, to 500 pesos depending on the type of vehicle that will be shipped. Ferry Boat is also a good means of transportation to reach Samal as well as taking a bus ride from Sta. Ana, Davao City, near Magsaysay Park to be able to reach Penaplata. From Penaplata proper it would be around four kilometers land trip to Cannibad. Though the road is stiff, it would be nothing compared to the paradise view of Cannibad that awaits you. 

Sunrise at Cannibad
Boating at Sunrise
Early morning Swimming 
View at Noontime
Having Fun at the Sea
Take a pose
May you have a great time staying here, the same thing that we experienced.  Enjoy Life!!! :)


  1. Looks like a good destination! Wonderful photos reina.

  2. Thanks Michael... It is really a good destination. Lucky for us, it is near our place...

  3. i love cannibad....and i want to visit it again for the 3rd time..hehehhe

    miss you rein

  4. ang sarap naman puntahan nito :) sana one day makapasyal din jan ^^


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