Philippine Eagle Foundation

Davao City: Philippine Eagle Foundation

Philippine Eagle Foundation is an NGO that strives to protect and preserve the now endangered specie - the Philippine eagle. It is open to the public with an entrance fee of 100 pesos for adult and 50 for youth. It is located in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City. Before entering the Philippine Eagle Foundation, you need to pass by this park for an entrance fee of P5 pesos. Inside the Philippine Eagle Foundation, this century old tree could be seen. Aside from the Eagles, they also have other animals like crocodile, deers and monkeys. These are some of the birds that could be seen but of course the main attraction are the big Philippine Eagles. Luckily when I visited the Philippine Eagle Foundation, one of the employee let one of the eagles go out from the cage and allow us to take a picture of it. What made this visit memorable for me is that I was amazed on how big a real Philippine Eagle was and it was a realization for me that there is this…

More Fun in the Philippines

In my recent travel, I was able to capture along the way an amazing mode of transportation. It was a single motorcycle with seven passengers on it and there are still space for more passengers. We are able to passby this along Cagayan de  Oro - Butuan Road. I was lucky enough to capture this while both our vehicles are moving. There are really a lot of things that will surprise you along the way while traveling the islands of Philippines. It is really more fun in the Philippines.

Sultan Kudarat: Kalamansig

Kalamansig is a town from the southern part of the Philippines. It was already far but a beautiful white beach was hidden there. Our travel to Kalamansig was materialize when our church mates who were fond of motorbikes invited us to a road trip to Kalamansig.

           It was really an enjoyable motorbike ride with the smooth and curve road in going there. Though it was a bit tiresome but this view awaits us there.

     Since some parts of the beach is private property, you must ask permission to the owners first but others goes there directly by boats.

        I was able to see there a huge Acacia tree and I could not help myself taking a photo of it.

         Well that's our ride and though we were able to encounter minor accidents, we still be able to enjoy the place, relax and had an awesome road trip.

Picture from google. 
       Just so you want to know where Kalamansig is, the picture above shows its location and where it could be found in the Philippine map.

Palawan: Baker's Hill

It's free. Everyone is welcome in Baker's Hill Palawan. It is visited often by tourists of Palawan due to its overlooking view of Puerto Princesesa City and its beautiful houses in here with landscapes, garden, flowers,mini park, and animated statues. It is very accessible from the city wherein it is only a tricycle ride.  Look who enjoyed this place the most, no other than my husband's nephew. He wants to have a picture with some of the statues in there.

Another nephew and niece were added to the picture and this time with the animal statues. 

Aside from their statues, there is also this noticeable garden with beautiful landscapes. 
Below is also a garden landscape with smiling masks of Palawan.

Baker's Hill also created certain spots where you could have your photoshoot with the place's name on it.

Below is also another beautiful spot where you could have your picture taking.
Baker's hill brought me to a different place like in a foreign country where I had never b…

Palwan: Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

This is Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or also called Palawan Crocodile and Nature Park. It is located in Palawan City that if you would be staying within the city, it is very much accessible. You would only have to ride  a tricycle, which is the number one means of transportation in Palawan City,  and you would be able to reach this place.

     Yup,that's me, facing my fear and holding a baby crocodile. We have this session while waiting for our time to enter the crocodile facility and the park. Well this picture taking session is not free, this is worth twenty pesos and if you want to purchase a copy of the picture it is worth around 150-200 pesos.
  This is what welcomes you inside the facility where a short orientation is to be given by the staff. This crocodile is used to be the largest crocodile captured in the Philippines, not anymore because of the captivity of Lolong.

These are fresh water crocodiles around four to six years old.

These are bigger croco…

Travel Info

Traveling is fun and arriving in different tourist spots is an achievement as a traveler. Places, people, culture and food are some of the things a traveler look forward to in every places visited but each traveler should not forget also the smell in each place. There are times that some smell in each places that are new to us and may not be pleasing to our nose. It may be from surroundings, food, body odor, flowers or even from e cigaret. So if you travel to a new place, don't forget to bring menthol candies, inhaler or oil to pacify one's self from displeasing smell.

Palawan: Underground River

This was a dream travel for me. I never imagined that I would be able to visit the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River which is now belong to the new 7 wonders of nature. Since my companions and I were already in Palawan, we never missed the opportunity to visit this famous tourist spot.

Along the way, I could not refrain myself from not taking a photo of this. This is a solar lamp post which means that the light produced by it is powered by solar energy which comes from the light of the sun. According to our travel guide, this was designed by a German engineer. It amazes me to see a lamp post without long electricity wires and very environmental friendly. 

Back to my travel to the famous Underground River, so after more or less four hours of travel from El Nido, Palawan we reached our destination. After listing our names and paying for the boat we are now ready to go. During our visit, there was an incoming storm that our short boat ride was a bit rough because of the big waves…