Sultan Kudarat: Kalamansig

             Kalamansig is a town from the southern part of the Philippines. It was already far but a beautiful white beach was hidden there. Our travel to Kalamansig was materialize when our church mates who were fond of motorbikes invited us to a road trip to Kalamansig.

           It was really an enjoyable motorbike ride with the smooth and curve road in going there. Though it was a bit tiresome but this view awaits us there.

     Since some parts of the beach is private property, you must ask permission to the owners first but others goes there directly by boats.

        I was able to see there a huge Acacia tree and I could not help myself taking a photo of it.

         Well that's our ride and though we were able to encounter minor accidents, we still be able to enjoy the place, relax and had an awesome road trip.

Picture from google. 

       Just so you want to know where Kalamansig is, the picture above shows its location and where it could be found in the Philippine map.

Have a safe trip everyone!


  1. Nice beach in Philippine. I think it's an interseting place to spend our holiday here.

  2. Don't forget to visit Salam Olah Raga!


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