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Palwan: Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

     This is Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center or also called Palawan Crocodile and Nature Park. It is located in Palawan City that if you would be staying within the city, it is very much accessible. You would only have to ride  a tricycle, which is the number one means of transportation in Palawan City,  and you would be able to reach this place.      Yup,that's me, facing my fear and holding a baby crocodile. We have this session while waiting for our time to enter the crocodile facility and the park. Well this picture taking session is not free, this is worth twenty pesos and if you want to purchase a copy of the picture it is worth around 150-200 pesos.       This is what welcomes you inside the facility where a short orientation is to be given by the staff. This crocodile is used to be the largest crocodile captured in the Philippines, not anymore because of the captivity of Lolong. These are fresh water crocodiles around four to six year