More Fun in the Philippines

    In my recent travel, I was able to capture along the way an amazing mode of transportation. It was a single motorcycle with seven passengers on it and there are still space for more passengers. We are able to passby this along Cagayan de  Oro - Butuan Road. I was lucky enough to capture this while both our vehicles are moving. There are really a lot of things that will surprise you along the way while traveling the islands of Philippines. It is really more fun in the Philippines.


  1. hi..rein ..ive seen this too..

    online bka pirmi sa skype..chika tah sa imo check-up..hehehe..basig same tag gi undergo

  2. Only in the Philippines you'll find vehicles like that :D I hope people are taking extra caution though when traveling on that because the makeshift motorcycle can be unsafe for the passengers.

  3. Maybe someday i could visiting Philippine.


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