Kathleen's Place: Cannibad, Samal

     Our last stopover in our field trip with the kindergarten students was at Kathleen's place in Cannibad, Samal. Cannibad which is famous for being a secret paradise in Samal has this modern resort known as "Kathleen's Place". It was owned by a retired German soldier who was married to a Filipina from our hometown. He had been very accommodating to us and gave us discounts. The standard entrance fee in Kathleen's Place is P50 per person, tent rental with beddings is P350 and this cottage is P2,000 per night.

            I like Cannibad for having a very solemn beach. It is not crowded and the beach is very clean and well preserve. Even at night, the place is so peaceful wherein there are no noisy parties, karaoke noise and noise of alcohol drinkers. It is just like being in a remote island.

               The only common feedback of the people who went here is that the way from the road to the beach is too high.  It is so steep that in ascending back to the road would intake a lot of minute rest to catch your breath and rest your knees for a while. Below is the view from the house of the resort's owner.

                      I like the design of the house of the resort's owner that I really took the chance to have a photo with it. It brought modernization in that very remote place. As a remembrance, I had a photo with it. This will remind me that I had been to Kathleen's Place in Cannibad, Samal. Hope you could visit this place as well and enjoy the beach the same way as I do. 


  1. hello I'm interested of this place, do you have any contact from them?How can I ask reservation to them?Please need your help...thanks in advances.

  2. @maggie. I wasn't able to get the contact number of the owner. In our case since it was a field trip for the kids, one week before the scheduled date their principal went to Cannibad to personnally reserved the place for us.

  3. hellow po. good evening. ask ko lang po magkano po pagdating sa transportation magkano po bayad sa pamasahi papunta sa lugar po. please reply po. thanks :)

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