IGACOS: Pearl Farm Beach Resort

          Welcome to Pearl Farm Beach Resort. It is located in Island Garden City of Samal or IGACOS. Samal Island is the big island in front of Davao City. Pearl Farm is a famous tourist destinations here in Davao. I was only able to go to this place because this is where the team building of the company has been held.

     Above is the Parola Bar. It is the reception area of the beach where the boat would also dock. We were greeted here with the accommodating staff of Pearl Farm. They had given us fresh juice to drink while an orientation had been given about the resort.

     Maranao Restaurant of Pearl Farm served delicious meals. In our day tour package, it is already inclusive of eat-all-you can lunch that we were really full when we get out from this establishment.

       Below is only one of the many maps that you will find along the way while strolling Pearl Farm. I am sure you will not get lost with this very informative maps.

     This is the infinity pool of Pearl Farm. If you do not like swimming in the pools the beach is also very conducive for swimming with its white sand and clear water.

      Malipano island is a nearby island which is also owned by Pearl Farm. This is where their sporty equipment and vessels are located for more fun activities. 

    I want to try riding on this boat but I was not able to do so. This is what they call a taxi boat. Same as a regular taxi on land, this would take you to any accessible locations you want to go.

     If you have time and money, visit Pearl Farm. A whole day tour is worth 1,950 pesos or 2,500 pesos during holidays and it is already inclusive of a eat-all-you-can buffet lunch. If you are already in here don't forget to take some pictures as a remembrance.
     For more info, you could visit their website at http://www.pearlfarmresort.com/index.html


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