Kidapawan, North Cotabato: Lake Agco

       Lake Agco is located at the foot of Mt. Apo. I knew everyone who climbed Mt. Apo knew this place. It has been the camp site and stop over place of climbers of Mt. Apo. It was my second time to visit this place. On my latest visit, I went here with my husband's family. Below is the list of the fees and rates of their amenities. Photo courtesy of my bubbly niece. :)

        Lake Agco is at the heart of a rainforest and since Mt. Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines, Lake Agco is also in  a higher ground. The weather here is always gloomy and most often there are fogs. The hotsprings of Lake Agco is really conducive for its weather.   Below is the view from the entrance of Lake Agco. 

       Though it is cold out there, there are still a lot of communities here. They already get used to the weather and to the foggy surroundings.

    Mt. Apo is a dormant volcano but it still emits hot steam.The photo below had been the source of hot steam for the steam bathhouse and the Jacuzzi.

     As always don't forget to take some pictures. It is really nice to visit here with your loved ones and relatives. The picture below is in the Jacuzzi pool of Lake Agco. Hope you enjoy your stay here.. Till next time..


  1. How to get there from Kidapawan? How long is the travel time? =)


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