Good Vision

       Traveling is fun and enjoyable with the beautiful views of nature. It could be more appreciated with our good vision. Nowadays, a lot of people are suffering from eye problems that could sometimes affect their way of living. Thankfully, there are doctors who are willing to correct our vision in an affordable amount. 
          Marc Werner, MD of Stahl Eyecare is offering the Vision For Our Heroes program to provide 30% off Lasik for New York City area fire fighters, law enforcement, teachers, and military personnel. Even immediate family members (spouse,children) can get the discount!
         Stahl Eyecare surgeons are Harvard, Yale and John Hopkins trained and have performed over 40,000 Lasik procedures.
          Lasik has been proven so safe and effective that it has been approved by NASA for use on US astronauts, pilots, and mission payload specialists who face extreme, physically demanding conditions.


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