Kidapawan, North Cotabato: Tawsuvan Eco-Resort

       Tawsuvan Eco-Resort is an eco-resort at the foot  of Mt. Apo.It has a beautiful falls in a rain forest. This has also been a camping ground for the climbers of Mt. Apo and for other tourists. It was an adopted place by the University of Southern Mindanao wherein they beautify and improved the place as well as construct some amenities to it. Below is the beautiful falls of Tawsuvan Eco-resort.

          Since Tawsuvan is at the foot of Mt. Apo, it is on a higher ground with a cooler temperature. That is why a lot of campers are in here during summer and stays here for a couple of days. As an observation, they brought along their tents, their air bed, some cooking wares and a lot of food. Of course, they did not forget to bring along thick clothes, jackets, socks and blankets to fight the cold. 

      If you want to go at the top of the falls, you could do so but be sure that you are physically fit because you would be catching your breath while climbing. When I did it, I think I had three pauses   while climbing just to catch my breath but it is very dangerous to do so because it is very steep that you must immediately continue climbing and be very careful not to slip. So here is the view of the falls at the top. 

       Eventhough the water is so cold, we did not slip the opportunity to swim at the falls. We will not put to waste our discounted entrance fee of 25 pesos per head by not swimming, at first it is really cold but as you stay longer your body temperature will adjust to it wherein you  will surely enjoy swimming even if the water is cold. 

        In every place I had been to, I always took a lot of pictures as a remembrance. This has been my favorite picture of all the pictures I took in Tawsuvan. I really swim near the falls just to have this picture and thanks to my supportive husband who took this picture.

        The trip to Tawsuvan had been a memorable one. It has also been an enjoyable family summer getaway. The next time I would go here, I would like to stay longer and enjoy the place. Hope you could visit this place too. Have fun and enjoy!


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