Manila Ocean Park

          I always dreamed to go to Manila Ocean Park. I think it is the only Oceanarium in the Philippines. I am on the  southern part of my country and Manila Ocean Park is on the northern part so I never imagined that I can still be able to visit this place. So here it is, Manila Ocean Park is located in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. It is at the back of Quirino Grand Stand which is famous as the place where new presidents of the Philippines take their oath.  From the Ninoy Aquino Airport, we ride a taxi which cost us P250 pesos as fare to be able to reach Manila Ocean Park. The entrance fee is P400 per person as regular rate, children 4.5 feet and below P350 while children who are 2 feet and below is free in admission, there is 20% discount for senior citizen and 10% for Manila residents with valid id. After paying our admission fee, we roam around the oceanarium as long as we want. So, here are some of the photos I have taken. Enjoy!!!
Perfect Combination
Keep on swimming..
I am not angry
This way to the Forest
Feeding  time..
I love swimming
Follow me
Sea Horse
I will follow you....
Too cute to be a shark
Shark's egg
BIG lobster
Taking a peek


  1. hello. its very nice places. thanks

  2. Tnx for leaving a comment drummer.

  3. hahaha...ako hindi pa rin nakakapunta sa Ocean Park, i really like to go there

  4. I am looking forward to visit there too when we go there for a vacation because when my daughter and I left it was still under construction.

  5. I love the picture of two sharks :))

  6. AWESOME! wish i could visit it one of these days! left you some love, girl! hope i get some back, thanks!

    by the way, do you mind checking out on The Lunchbox?

  7. i hope to visit Manila Oceanarium when i come home :)


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