Island Hopping: Talicud Island

      It was a holiday and my officemates decided to organize an island hopping. I was invited and the contribution is only 500 pesos per person which I think very cheap already for an island hopping. I immediately informed my husband and he agreed with it. Our contribution already includes the food and the boat rental fee.
         For a boat rental fee of P6,500, it includes three stopovers and the whole tour is up to 4PM. It is a boat with a capacity of forty people and has a comfort room and tables inside the boat. The life vest rental fee is 100 and the snorkeling gadget is 350 pesos.
        We sailed out from Sta. Ana Wharf at around nine in the morning. After forty minutes we had been able to reach our first stopover which is at the Coral Garden of Talicud Island. At first I was hesitant to jump out in the water because I am not a swimmer and I rely entirely on my life vest. After a couple of minutes, I was at eased swimming and enjoyed the view of the beautiful corals under the sea.

       After an hour of swimming, we sailed back to Babusanta Beach. It was like a paradise. The beach is not so populated, it has white sand and the water is so clear.

        After having our lunch and hours of swimming at the beach, we sailed to our next stopover which is the Angel's cove. It has a lot of corals, and home of different breed of fishes.  I was able to see different colors of fishes and shapes of corals. It was a very nice experience.

     My only disappointments with this trip is that I wasn't been able to have my underwater camera because it is still under repair and I was not able to rent a snorkeling gear that would  enable me to enjoy the underwater view. Still, it was a very nice experience. 


  1. Ganda namn ng beach na yan parang ang tahimik! Happy Holidays! I'm a new folower.

  2. I'm addicted for landscapes and scenarios like this are really impressive and amazing

  3. May contact pa po ba kayo dun sa boat? Naghahanap po kasi ako para sa family reunion/island hopping to talicud island. Thanks!

  4. Seems like you had a lot of fun. I am not that much into swimming, right now all that I am interested in is writingelites, to be honest. But your post is really nice anyway. the pictures are warm and fun. Thanks a lot for posting.

  5. Such a beautiful place! I think I have come up with the idea where to spend my next vacation :) I just need to finish my work with the help of book translation services and I am free to go :) thank you :)


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