Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

         Accompanying my husband in a church event for men, I was able to reach Lebak. It is a coastal town of Sultan Kudarat which is at the southern part of the Philippines. It is famous for its long shoreline and nice beaches. We been able to reach this place after five hours of travel from our place taking up the Upi road. It was a nice travel because we went there together with the group of fathers in our church. 
          Lebak beach is really beautiful. It has wide shoreline, big waves and fine sand. It is also a good source of fresh fish that the common source of income here is fishing. Food here is not a problem because even if you would go fishing, few meters away from the shoreline, within minutes you would be able to catch fish. If you don't want fishing, you could buy newly caught fishes at the fishermen nearby at a lower amount. 

           One of the unforgettable scenes that I was able to encounter here is the scene of the fishermen pushing their big boat. The first time I arrived at Lebak, I was wondering how those big boats been able to be at the shoreline when it should be at sea. It was there when I was able to know that group of fishermen who rode on that boat will push it to the shoreline to be able to reach its safe destination. I really admired their unity.

        These lovely sea turtles will always be remembered everytime I think about Lebak. They are taken care of by the homeowners of the place where we stayed at Lebak. According to them, these sea turtles were wash out to the shoreline after the storm that they are taking care of it. They were so lovely and were not afraid of humans. I had a great time taking some pictures of them and even some of our companion carried them and took a picture with them. 
         Lebak is really a nice place. Hope you could travel there as well and have unforgetable experiences the same way I do.



  1. A loving heart is the truest wisdom. alwys suporting her.

  2. Very nice place. visiting here again..!Smile!

  3. Life is simple, it's just not easy. alwys suporting her.

  4. wow! it's beautiful.. hope i could see that place in person someday..

    a visit from kim!

  5. seems like a nice place to visit

  6. Thanks for this.I'm from lebak. My town is super nice.great sunset.please check my blogsite too,http://travelfoodtrip.blogspot.com

  7. This is my story about my town Lebak. http://travelfoodtrip.blogspot.com/2012/06/best-sunset-in-world-is-in-my-town.html


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