Effective Persuasion

      Public Speaking is not my forte that I really admired people who could take up the stage and say what they want in a large crowd. Sales people are very good at it that in fact even if the product is not that good, they could still sell it with their effective persuasion through speaking. It is amazing how they could persuade some clients to buy their product in one transaction only. I consider that skill as a gift. For me,  it would take a lot of nerves for me to do that thing. Public Speaking for me is a struggle to fight my nervousness, tremble of the body  and lost of voice. That is why I admire people who could do it.
      In a travel expo in one of the malls here in Davao, I was amazed by how the organizers and the host facilitate the event. Different people came up to the stage to promote the travel agency, airlines, hotels, resorts and other agencies of which they represent. They are so good at entertaining the crowd. They have given different freebies and gift checks. The hosts of the show caught the interest of the audience and was able to convey the promos, packages and discounts available in the different agencies featured. They were so versatile, fluent and persuasive in communicating to their audience. In return, they have a supportive, jolly, and accommodating crowd. 
          Capability to speak in a large crowd of the things you want to say is really a talent, but it could be learned. Thinking of it, if others can do it why can't I. To be a public speaker entails proper training, constant practice and determination to master these craft. Come to think of it, if other ordinary people can do it well, what would hinder us to achieve it as well. 


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