Palawan:El Nido

El Nido, Palawan had always been a part of my list in the places I wanted to visit. It has been a dream vacation that met my expectation. I went their with my husband, his brother's family and the family of our godparents. Look what greeted me when I woke early in the morning. A giant rock or limestone formation.

From Puerto Princesa City, El Nido could be reached after seven hours of land trip in a for-hire van. Another way is through public bus like this one below which has only one trip in a day and maybe it would take you ten hours to reach El Nido from Puerto Princesa City. As what mostly tourists did, we prefer to hire a van as our mode of transportation in going to El Nido. 

Upon reaching El Nido, we stroll in their public market to look for food to cook. We had been able to find there crabs, lobsters, shells and a lot of fish. 

After filling up our stomach, we ready ourselves for an island hopping. The first stop is Pinagbuyutan Island. It is now a private island but visitors are still allowed in here. I was amazed in this island by its powdery sand, clear water and the panoramic view of other island as well.

This is the Helicopter Island named after its  shape. This island is very visible in our whole tour but we did not been able stop by on this island.

This is Cadugnon Cave. We passed through a small opening in the rocks to be able to get inside in this cathedral like cave. There was a small opening at the top of the cave that made the view inside visible and was so wonderful to look at.

This is my favorite island on the whole tour, the Snake Island. Do not be afraid for in this island no snake could be seen. It was named Snake Island because of its shoreline that connects two island. At the topmost part of the island there is a hut there wherein all neighboring islands could be seen. This is also where we had our lunch.

       For me this the most adventurous part of the tour. Eventhough I am not a swimmer, I tried snorkeling in here. This is Small Lagoon. From this point, we have to swim to be able to reach the lagoon. On the way to the lagoon there is this very aggressive specie  of small fish wherein if ever you been able to reach their territory they will bite you. Don't worry they don't hurt that much. The lagoon was so beautiful that we stayed there for almost an hour.  

Well, that is the chubby me in my snorkeling gear having my first and very memorable snorkeling experience. I could not have enough of El Nido. There are still a lot of islands, caves, coves, lagoons and places to be visited at El Nido. Hope I could visit it again. Till next time El Nido!. 


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