Palawan: Underground River

This was a dream travel for me. I never imagined that I would be able to visit the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River which is now belong to the new 7 wonders of nature. Since my companions and I were already in Palawan, we never missed the opportunity to visit this famous tourist spot.

Along the way, I could not refrain myself from not taking a photo of this. This is a solar lamp post which means that the light produced by it is powered by solar energy which comes from the light of the sun. According to our travel guide, this was designed by a German engineer. It amazes me to see a lamp post without long electricity wires and very environmental friendly. 

Back to my travel to the famous Underground River, so after more or less four hours of travel from El Nido, Palawan we reached our destination. After listing our names and paying for the boat we are now ready to go. During our visit, there was an incoming storm that our short boat ride was a bit rough because of the big waves and thank God that we were able to reached this very beautiful cove. 

So this it. We already reached Puerto Princesa Underground River. This is one of the landmarks in there. 

This is the signage at the entrance. 

Along the way, there are these park facts and figures along with park rules.

During our visit, there had been a lot of the tourists as well that we have to wait for an hour for the availability of the boat. No worries because that is already the entrance of the cave.

At last, the boat ride to the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River begins. We were so amazed and entertained by the beautiful stalactites,stalagmite and rock formations, the high ceilings, a lot of vats and the facts about it. Truly God's creation is beyond comparison.
The picture above is the only one which is presentable from all the photos I've taken inside the cave. I find difficulty in capturing good photos inside the cave because it is dark and I was seated in the front seat that I was tasked to hold the searchlight. At least I have this good photo of what they called the "Titanic" rock formation. 

Of course, a picture of myself with the entrance to the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River was never forgotten. This was a dream come true. 

Travel info: 
*** The ticket to the Puerto Princesa Underground River must be secured at their office in Puerto Princesa City not on the location which is worth P150 pesos.
*** The ticket does not include the payment for the boat so reseve a money for it.
*** According to the tourist guide, if you were from Puerto Princesa City the travel time for the  land trip from the city to the Puerto Princesa Underground River is more or less two hours. 


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